Political Bias Within the American Public School System

The education system of America is broken, mangled, torn, and corrupt. History is not merely a black and white chain of events. The public school system seems so keen on projecting a false image of our countries past. It is almost as if we are attempting to cover up specific topics within our history in order to push some sort of agenda. The history we are learning within our classes does not portray an accurate three-dimensional representation of history as a whole. We cannot simply cover one side of any given argument, that would be biased. Political bias is ruining our public school system by presenting an unfair portrayal of history.

Let us begin with an example, the Confederacy. If you aren’t familiar, then allow me to fill you in. The American Civil War began in 1861 and ended 1865. The war pitted the Southern Confederate States against the Northern Union states. You see, the Confederates fought to secede from the US in order to preserve their state rights, of which they felt the north was restricting. It was a terrible and bloody rebellion no doubt, and I am not in support of the South’s secession at all. However, I do admire their reasoning for seceding. What many of you are probably thinking is: “Evan is a racist for supporting the South!” or, “The South fought for slavery! How can you agree with that?” All of these accusations have no foundation whatsoever because they are all based upon one-sided analyses formed by the American public school system. The south did not fight exclusively for slavery. In fact, the great southern general, Robert E. Lee, did not believe in slavery, stating: “In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil.”. What Robert E. Lee fought for was “State Rights”, the ability for the States to be independent from the federal government. That being said, were there people who fought solely for slavery? Absolutely, but it’s similar to now, and how we have single-issue voters, those who only vote for candidates because of one thing, rather than voting for a candidate who has the best balance of traits that you find fitting. What your school will tell you is that the South was evil and the North was good when in fact, both sides had their angels and demons.

Here is an interesting question to ask yourself: “What do I know about John F. Kennedy?” You may answer with things such as: “He was great man”, “He handled the Cuban Missile Crisis very well”, “He was assassinated.”, or “He was our greatest president of all time.” But, how many of you know that he was a womanizer, sex addict, and a cheat? It’s true. While he was in office, he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe behind his wife’s(Jackie Kennedy) back. In my personal opinion, Jackie was more attractive than Monroe, but that’s beside the point. JFK had even claimed that he would contract headaches if he went extended periods without sex. So as you can see, he was not the loyal man that his campaign jingle had so triumphantly proclaimed.

For the last example, I wish to discuss Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Everyone reveres him as the greatest president the US has ever had. He is credited for ending the Great Depression when in actuality, it was the United States’ involvement in World War II that ended the depression. The war supplied jobs to many americans due to the fact that we needed weapons for the war effort. So in a way, we can thank Japan for ending the Great Depression, for if it weren’t for the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we would not have not involved ourselves in the war, and thus ending the depression. Perhaps FDR’s worst offense however, was denying the support of anti-lynching laws for the sole purpose of acquiring the vote from his southern democrat pals. Your public school education wouldn’t tell you this.

The interesting thing about the three of these examples were that they each involved democrats. The south at the time of the war were conservative democrats, Kennedy was a democrat, and so was FDR. The two presidents were liberal, and the Confederacy were conservative. To me, it seems as if liberals/democrats are trying to cover up their history in order to make them appear “noble”. After all, our education system at this time is liberal as you can tell with Common Core, the socialized federal education system that strives to bring everyone to the same level in order to make it “fair”. All this does is bring the smart students down to the level of the stupid students by teaching everyone in a handicapped manner. It is apparent that political bias is causing an unfair portrayal of history to be taught to our students, and in order for us to fix this is to educate all sides of history. We must show that every side has its good as well as its evil. If we can demonstrate this, we can show that history is not as black and white as we may think.



Author: Evan DeHaven

My name is Evan G. DeHaven. I make posts, essays, rants, you name it, about my strong opinions and beliefs. I'm never afraid to speak my mind and I hope to inspire others to do the same. I do hope you enjoy my content.

3 thoughts on “Political Bias Within the American Public School System”

  1. I’ll agree with you that the history taught in our schools is basically mythology, but I have to disagree about the Civil War. What people thought, felt, and fought for is a secondary issue. What’s primary is that if the South won it would have continued slavery. The North abolished it. The North wasn’t heroic or in any way free of racism–or of other forms of exploitation. And it abolished slavery with some reluctance, but the fact remains that it did.

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  2. That this is one of the very reasons I was not put into the public school system. Every bit of information they feed you is meant to fit their agenda in altering and controlling the way kids/young adults think and act. Evan I’m not sure if you’ve read Fahrenheit 451 but the “future” that is set in that book which was written 60 some years ago is slowly becoming our present. Controlled by the government and rulers and attached constantly to electronics. If you haven’t read it I highly encourage you to, I believe you would find it fascinating

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