The Creator’s Existence

It is foolish to deny the existence of any creator. Whether you believe in a specific religion or not, it is ignorant to say that there is no being responsible for creation, after all, something cannot derive from nothing.

Now, what many will ask is: “where did God come from?” Now, I’ll answer that question with a question of my own: “where did the Big Bang come from?” Neither of those questions have an answer, and there is no problem with that. There are many things that the human mind cannot comprehend or conceive, perhaps these are an example of such things.

Now, I am a religious skeptic, however I do believe in the ideals and morals held in Christianity, of which I associate myself. However, the existence of God goes far deeper than religion. I can say with 100% certainty, that if for some reason I stopped being a Christian, I would never lose my belief in God. Also, my belief in God does not only stem from a contemplative or religious standpoint. My belief in God also stems from my personal belief that God has been guiding me all this time. I’ve had one too many important “coincidences” occur in my life that I do not believe can be chalked up to “chance”. One particular instance involved a cup of water.

One day when I worked at a Chick-fil-a here in Edgewater, I was cleaning tables. While I was cleaning, I noticed a lone cup of water on one of the tables. Not thinking too much about it I thew it away. Not long after, a gentleman came out of the restroom looking for his water. I apologized and fetched him a new one. After that, he asked me to come over and so I did. And thus, our two and a half hour lecture began. He taught me all about religion, philosophy, politics, and history, all four of which interest me greatly. If it were not for throwing away his cup of water, that lecture would never have happened, and I would not have learned what I did. Mr Eads was his name. It truly was a remarkable experience.

Regardless of whether you follow a religion or not, you should look in your own life, for ways that God, or the creator, has influenced you. Atheism is a foolish ideology, as it denies the existence of any sort of God. The universe is far too complicated; there is a creator to every masterpiece.


Author: Evan DeHaven

My name is Evan G. DeHaven. I make posts, essays, rants, you name it, about my strong opinions and beliefs. I'm never afraid to speak my mind and I hope to inspire others to do the same. I do hope you enjoy my content.

One thought on “The Creator’s Existence”

  1. I want to start with you saying “It is foolish to deny the existence of any creator”, that statement is not very thought out, since there is no scientific proof of a creator Occam’s razor would say that it is more logical to say there is no god. Moving on from that though, “something cannot derive from nothing” may or may not be true but humans didn’t derive from nothing, atoms made from stars that have died ended up becoming us. For that reason, that is not justification that a “being” created humans but a scientific process instead.

    Your comparison of “god” to the big bang is flawed in that there is an explanation of the big bang that follows the standard model of physics that we understand to be correct. A “god” however has no justification like such. Here is a good explanation of the big bang if you care to read about it:

    “I do believe in the ideals and morals held in Christianity” I hope you have truly read the bible and understand how many bad morals and ideals are in it. You believe in the ideals and morals in Christianity that align with your own cause you would believe in them regardless. “I can say with 100% certainty, that if for some reason I stopped being a Christian…” No you cannot because it is a theoretical, anything could change between now and if that happened.

    “I’ve had one too many important “coincidences” occur in my life” that’s the thing about coincidences, they happen by chance, and chance can return seemingly extremely unlikely outcomes sometimes. Your following paragraph tells a story that I do not see to be too relevant, you didn’t happen to meet a long lost relative or anything, just a person you found to be interesting.

    “Atheism is a foolish ideology” I again refute this. “there is a creator to every masterpiece.” It is also wrong to inherently apply human concepts to the universe, there might be a creator for a creation but the universe is not a creation, it’s something that just exists.

    After going through everything you wrote I see nothing but mostly baseless claims as to why you choose to still believe in religion without any real evidence. The burden of proof would fall upon you to prove a god exists, I, unfortunately, cannot prove a negative. Let me explain why it would be more likely that a god does not exist though. The simple boulder dilemma that often gets overlooked but has merit, if a being is all powerful than said being can create an object even it can move, but if the being cannot move it then it is not all powerful, therefor, nothing can be all powerful.

    Worth also considering, if we pretended like everything in the bible were 100% correct than the story of Lucifer is reasoning enough that this god does not deserve to be worshiped. God stopped caring as much about his children essentially because of this thing he created that was consuming all his time apparently (sounds like bad parenting). But when Lucifer convinced Eve to do what she was told not to (which was literally just eating an apple, god seems a little dramatic) Lucifer was punished by being cast out. This seems immoral enough aside from the fact the bible, which was supposedly written with help from god (according to the bible), encourages stoning people, rape, and slavery among other things. (Side note: if god was perfect and created humans in his image how could they be flawed? Also why would his children be even able to disobey him?)

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