Religious Guilt-Tripping

Religion is something that many are passionate about. There are those who love spreading their beliefs. Preaching in the streets, preaching at a church, and attending sermons, are some of the many ways that the religious spread their faith. It is a great thing to want to share what you believe. However, the problem becomes when you have users on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, constantly guilt-tripping people, including those who share their beliefs. The people who constantly denounce others for not sharing their appreciation of God or ridicule those who do not believe, only serve to turn others away from their faith.

Whenever someone on social media constantly posts, “Like for Jesus!” Or “Repost if you’re a believer!” it really comes across as preachy, annoying, and insufferable. I’ve seen many accounts that will post a picture of Jesus with the caption: “If you’re a true Christian, then you’ll like and share this”. When people do this, not only is it annoying to those who aren’t religious as it comes across as arrogant, but even to those who believe in Jesus, can feel guilty if they don’t acknowledge him everywhere as you do.

One of the most hilarious things that I’ve seen is where someone I know posted a meme with a picture of Jesus with the caption, “I bet you’re too scared to post this picture of Jesus”. What was funny about that meme was that it wasn’t a picture of Jesus at all, but a picture of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the highly popular movie series, Star Wars. This shows just how out of touch they were with modern pop culture, and only served to humiliate them amongst their friends and followers.

There is a smart way to share your faith, and an arrogant way to share your faith. You can be the type of person who chooses to lead people towards your faith through reasoning, or you can be the type of person who turns people away due to your cringe-worthy “Jesus Memes”, and guilt-tripping. It should not be a contest to determine who is the best Christian, or the biggest believer. If you believe, then fantastic! Share your beliefs with those around you in a respectful way, don’t constantly guilt-trip others in regards to their faith.


Author: Evan DeHaven

My name is Evan G. DeHaven. I make posts, essays, rants, you name it, about my strong opinions and beliefs. I'm never afraid to speak my mind and I hope to inspire others to do the same. I do hope you enjoy my content.

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