The Art of Handshaking

When it comes to greeting, a handshake is a symbol of mutual respect. You can tell a lot about a person based upon the way they handshake. A confident person delivers a firm but inviting handshake, whereas a meek person will display a lack of confidence in his handshake. A person who couldn’t care less about anything will give a pathetic handshake whereas a passionate person will be very expressive and friendly with their handshake. Handshaking truly is an art due to the underlying complexity and nature behind this age old greeting.

Handshakes can also be weak due to a lack of experience. In today’s age, handshaking has become less and less of an informal greeting. The only time you will ever see someone giving a handshake is whenever it is some sort of formal arrangement or event. However, I believe that handshakes should be encouraged no matter whom you are greeting.

One of the most distasteful things you can ever do is decline someone’s handshake. I would much rather shake a limp noodle, than to not shake the noodle at all. It is disrespectful to decline a handshake, no matter who the one offering may be. Even if you are bitter enemies with the person, you should still be willing to shake their hand, you will exhibit a great deal of character this way. A strong man is willing to shake his enemy’s hand.

Handshaking is far more complex then most believe. There is a good and bad way of going about shaking someone’s hand. The nature behind the handshake is what truly makes it an art form.


Author: Evan DeHaven

My name is Evan G. DeHaven. I make posts, essays, rants, you name it, about my strong opinions and beliefs. I'm never afraid to speak my mind and I hope to inspire others to do the same. I do hope you enjoy my content.

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